5 Things You Should Know About Military Challenge Coins

Challenge coins are a timeless way to unite individuals and recognize them for their service and loyalty toward a cause. It makes perfect sense that military challenge coins are as popular as they are with the 16.5 million military veterans living in the United States of America. You may have crossed paths with these Army coins, but learning more about what they stand for is always wise.

Military challenge coins have a long history dating back to the Roman Empire, but they’ve evolved into other kinds of challenge coins for accomplishments and careers. The good news is that you’ve found the right article to learn more about five interesting facts about the military challenge coin.

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1. Military Challenge Coins Are Collectibles

Visiting a military trade show is a one-way ticket to countless military challenge coin displays from vendors nationwide. Each coin has a story behind it, and learning that story is part of the fun of collecting new challenge coins. Different units and missions receive challenge coins, which are inexpensive to produce, so each unit member receives one.

It’s an excellent option if you’re looking to start collecting military coins. Each coin is rare and has limited numbers in circulation.

2. Historians Love Challenge Coins

Some of the most robust collections of military challenge coins belong to historians. The modern Army coins can trace their roots to a WWI soldier who was spared execution by a bronze medallion presented as a form of identification.

Since then, these coins have commemorated specific units and heroic actions by armed service members. If you love history, it’s a great investment to purchase your first challenge coin army.

3. They’re Designed to Be Presented

Military challenge coins were meant to boost morale among troops and increase unity. They’ve evolved into other uses, particularly in bar settings. You’re expected to carry your challenge coin on you at all times or run the risk of facing a heavy bar tab.

4. Recruiting Tool

Challenge coins also make excellent recruiting tools, and they’re the ultimate welcome for new members of a unit. They’re often presented in a handshake as a way to let new members know that they belong now. It enhances that close bond that comes with belonging to an elite unit.

5. Most Presidents Have One

Military challenge coins don’t stop with military units. Most Presidents also have their own challenge coins, and they’re often used to honor civilians for their achievements. Expect to receive a Presidential challenge coin if you perform heroic deeds as a civilian.

Now You Know the Truth About Military Challenge Coins

Military challenge coins have a history as long as military conflicts themselves, but they’ve gained much traction in recent years to recognize service members for their courage. Presidents also have a challenge coin they present to heroic and honorable civilians. They’re excellent collectors’ items since they’re customized, and few are in circulation.

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