5 Reasons Why You Should Try an Escape Room

Have you ever wondered what the benefits of an escape room are?

Escape rooms have become all the rage in the last 5 years. They’re the go-to activity for birthday parties, team building exercises, and just a decent night out. You can’t walk more than 5 blocks without seeing one in a major city, which begs the question, have we overdone it with escape rooms?

The answer is a resounding “no.” There are plenty of people out there that have still never tried an escape room and might not understand the benefit of doing one.

In this post, we’re going to talk about 5 benefits of participating in an escape room experience. You might think that you won’t get much out of it, but read along and you’ll see why you’re wrong. Let’s begin.

1. Escape Rooms Lower Screen Time

Surely you’ve noticed how much people are staring at their screens nowadays. It’s an unfortunate consequence of the digital age. A group outing to an escape room can bring vigor back into your lives without the use of a smartphone.

While cell phones are permitted in escape rooms, you don’t usually have any time to use them. You’ll be too busy solving problems to pull out your phone and search for the answers. We could all use a little time away from the screen, so in that sense, escape rooms are hugely beneficial.

2. Promote Creative Thinking 

Not only do escape rooms promote creative thinking, but they also promote creative group thinking. There’s no better feeling than being part of a team that creatively comes up with solutions to problems.

Escape rooms challenge you to think outside the box; outside your normal mode of thinking to find clues that lead to escape. Many of us get caught up in our day to day routines and jobs, neglecting the problem-solving side of our brains.

3. Great for Dates

What better way to get to know someone new than to be stuck in a room together with no way out other than to work together? It might sound crazy, but escape rooms are great for first dates. You’re there to solve riddles, but there’s also enough time to chat and get to know one another.

Plus, there’s a payoff at the end when you find out whether or not you make a good team. The Escape Room franchise won’t assume any responsibility for the success or failure of your relationship, however.

4. Bond Building

Beyond dating, escape rooms are great for family outings and team building exercises for employees. Being able to problem solve in a group setting always has a positive effect on people and gives them a heightened sense of comradery.

You’ll also find out which people in a group are more outgoing, which ones are the most creative thinkers, and which ones are quiet observers. This can help you figure out how to delegate work at your company if you’re a boss. 

5. It’s a Cheap Night Out

For the unbridled joy that escape rooms bring to the people who complete them, the cost is very low. It depends where you go, but an escape room generally only runs each group member $25-$30 per game. 

That’s not a bad cost for something that you’ll not soon forget. You’ll spend the hours and days after you complete the escape room talking about where you went wrong and what you will do differently next time. It’s entertainment that goes beyond the room and creates long-lasting memories.

Book Your Escape Room Today

Why not book your escape room experience right now? Whether you’re taking someone out on a date, performing a team building exercise, or going out for a parent’s birthday, an escape room is always a great move.

You’ll experience joy and excitement at the escape room, and if you get out, you’ll experience the satisfaction of knowing that you succeeded where so many others have failed. Book your escape room ASAP and see for yourself.

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