5 Essential Song Writing Tips

Didn’t all of us dream about becoming a rock star? It’s been a long cherished dream of many to write and perform music for other people to enjoy. There’s no reason it has to stay a dream.

Writing songs may seem like a daunting undertaking, but some effort and inspiration can get you there. No idea where to begin with songwriting? We’re here to help.

Keep reading for some essential song writing tips to get you started.

Find Your Inspiration

Start by writing down whatever comes to your mind. Set a timer for five minutes and just write. Don’t worry about grammar or punctuation.

Once five minutes are up, read over what you wrote and see if anything jumps out as particularly interesting or worth exploring further. If not, repeat the process.

Inspiration can also come from other songs, so go ahead and listen to music and see what speaks to you. You can also look to nature, books, or even people watching for inspiration. 

Craft the Perfect Melody

It’s always important to remember in writing music that the melody should be catchy and memorable. The melody should also complement the lyrics and the overall feel of the song.

Additionally, the melody should be able to stand on its own and interesting enough to listen to without the accompaniment of the lyrics. You may also invest in a songwriting coaching session to gain a deeper understanding of the aesthetic of music.

Lyrics That Connect

When it comes to lyrics, avoid clichés and write from personal experience. Be specific and paint a picture with your words. Tell a story that listeners can relate to or offer a new perspective on a familiar topic.

Keep your language simple and avoid jargon. And always remember that when making music, the best songs are those that come from the heart.

The Power of a Good Hook 

What does YMCA of Village People, MMMBop of Hanson, and Call Me Maybe of Carly Rae Jepsen have in common? Yes, these songs were listed by Billboard as the best catchy songs of all time.

These songs are catchy because of a “good hook”. They make the song memorable and make the listener want to hear more. 

Think about what you want to say with your song. What is the main message or feeling you want to convey?

Once you know that, brainstorm potential hooks that could relay that. Try writing them down or humming them to yourself to see which one feels best.

The Importance of Editing

Once you have a basic song, it’s time to start editing. This is where you’ll fine-tune the melody, lyrics, and overall structure of the song. You may also want to add or remove sections, depending on the flow of the song.

Editing can be tedious but very essential in making sure your song is polished and ready for listeners.

Song Writing Tips to Improve Your Craft

There is no one right way to write a song, but there are definitely some essential song writing tips to keep in mind when you’re putting pen to paper. The best songs are often the ones that have been worked on and tweaked until they’re just right.

So, keep these tips in mind next time you’re ready to put pen to paper and start writing your next masterpiece.

Looking for more advice on how to improve your songwriting? We’ve got you! Check out our blog for the latest tips for songwriters and musicians.

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