5 Essential Grilling Tips to Help You Master the BBQ This Summer

It’s believed that human ancestors first began cooking meat over a fire approximately 1.8 million years ago, and it’s fair to say a lot has changed since then.

But, even if you’re now using the latest grilling gadgets and cooking tools, it never hurts to brush up on your BBQing skills when the summer season starts.

Just a small adjustment to your grilling techniques could result in your guests hailing you as the grill master as they tuck into a mouth-watering juicy piece of meat.

Let’s dive in and learn some pro grilling tips.

1. Prepare Your Grill

The first step is to ensure your grill is clean of all dirt and debris, as these can negatively affect your grill’s performance. For example, if there are any small bits of meat or fat remaining from your last BBQ, these could drop into the flames and cause flare-ups that can be dangerous and char your food.

You should also place all your grilling tools such as tongs and knives in a handy place so you don’t have to leave the grill unattended later to retrieve them from the kitchen.

2. Get Your Meat Ready

Allowing your meat to warm to room temperature before placing it on the grill can help it cook more evenly. This should take only around 30 minutes, and you can use the time to season your meats and rub in some flavorsome sauces.

3. Monitor the Temperature

It’s important to grill at the right temperatures for the types of food you are grilling, but this can be tricky to master. If this aspect tends to be a challenge, you could buy a top rated combo grill that makes it easy to control the heat level using a gas grill. 

But, if you prefer a smokey flavor and are confident about maintaining a set temperature using charcoal, you can easily switch grilling methods using the same device.

4. Trust Your Grill

One of the most ignored pieces of cooking advice is to trust your grill, but you really should try to leave your BBQ alone while it’s cooking your food. If you lift the lid too often, the heat level will lower and it will take longer to grill your food, which could lead to it drying out and becoming chewy.

Leave the lid down except for when you are turning your meat once or twice during the grilling process. You can then use a meat thermometer to make sure your meats have the safe minimum internal temperatures for consumption. 

5. Let Your Meat Rest

Before serving, let your meat rest for at least 5 minutes on a flat surface. This will let the juices travel throughout the meat, leaving it moist and tender. This is one of the often-overlooked cooking tips that can make a huge difference to the taste and texture of your meal.

Use These Grilling Tips to Prepare Sumptuous Outdoor Meals

When you know the best grilling tips, you can cook wonderful melt-in-your-mouth meals every time you fire up the BBQ. Remember to clean your grill before cooking, and ensure you maintain a steady temperature. It’s also vital to check your meat’s internal temperature before serving. 

This should give you peace of mind your meat is cooked to perfection and you can sit down and enjoy a delicious outdoor meal.

For more helpful hints and tips, check out our lifestyle articles before you go.

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