5 Early Signs of Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

Erectile dysfunction is a condition that impacts roughly 30 million men in the United States of America. People that are older, have certain medical conditions, have certain emotional issues, or take certain medications are typically more likely to develop ED.

Catching ED early can help you make a decision about how to go about treating ED from the get-go.

So what are the early signs of erectile dysfunction? What should you be looking out for?

Let’s take a look at five early symptoms of ED.

1. Having a Difficult Time Getting an Erection

One of the most obvious early signs of erectile dysfunction is having a hard time getting an erection. You might find that, at first, it takes longer than usual to get an erection. Over time, more stimulation might be needed in order to initiate an erection.

2. Having Trouble Maintaining an Erection

Many people know that erectile dysfunction is connected to men not getting an erection in the first place. However, it can also mean that it’s difficult to maintain an erection even if you already have one. This can impact sexual performance and be an embarrassing experience for many men.

If you have found that you have a hard time keeping an erection during sexual intercourse, you might be experiencing one of the early signs of ED.

3. Having Low Libido

Many men that have ED also have reduced sexual desire. This might be due to emotional or biological factors. Having an imbalance in a person’s hormones, such as having low testosterone, might be making it so you don’t feel much in the way of sexual desire.

Some men experience low libido because they are anxious and ashamed about their erectile dysfunction. This can mean that they have less of a desire to have sex.

4. Having Loss of Sensitivity

Many people don’t realize that men can lose sensitivity in their penis when they have ED. It can take more stimulation in order to get an erection because they don’t have as much sensitivity as they used to.

5. Premature or Delayed Ejaculation

Erectile dysfunction is connected to a number of other sexual disorders. These include both premature ejaculation and delayed ejacuatlion. If you have any of these symptoms, it’s a good idea to talk to your doctor. You also might be interested in learning about the edge for men.

Keep an Eye Out for the Early Signs of Erectile Dysfunction

It’s a good idea to stay in tune with your sexual wellness. This way, you can catch any issues as they arise. You might find that it is easier to find effective treatment options the sooner you realize that you might be having difficulties in this regard.

Did you find this article about the early signs of erectile dysfunction useful? If so, be sure to check out the rest of our blog for more helpful articles!

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