4 Things to Do Before Shipping Your Car

When you’re making a big move, your car needs to get from one place to another. All of your belongings don’t always fit in that tiny car. What options do you have in order to get all of your items and your car to your destination? 

This is when shipping your car comes in handy. 

Car shipping companies are designed to help you get your vehicle from one place to another without racking up your miles. If you’re planning a move that is outside of your typical mile range, it’s time to follow this advice with car shipping services and get your vehicle from one destination to another safely. Continue reading for what you should do before waving goodbye to those wheels. 

1. Do Your Research

If you’re planning a move and looking into how to ship a car, you’re going to want to look for different companies that will carefully ship your vehicle. Different services will give you different prices depending on the car itself and where the final destination is. 

If you’re looking for rates, click for this tool

2. Remove All Items Inside

Nothing can be left behind in your car before shipping it. You want to be sure to clean the inside of any personal items. Everything that was in your car, such as phone cords and air fresheners, needs to be removed and put away. 

Your shipping company is not liable for any breaks or damages from items that may be left behind in the vehicle. You wouldn’t want any items to go missing due to being left in the car

3. Have All Documentation in Order

Have all of your proper documentation organized before contacting the shipping company. This means having things such as the bill of sale, the proof of insurance, and even the registration prepared to hand over. All of these items should be documented in a folder. 

These papers protect you in the event that anything happens to your car. You and the company have proof of who the car belongs to. 

4. Write Down Any Prior Damage

Safeguard your car if any damages occur during the vehicle’s travels. Write down any scrapes, nicks, or dents that may be on the car from everyday driving. You and the company will have a record if something happens while it is in their hands. 

Doing this is peace of mind for you that you’re receiving your car in the same shape you sent it off in. 

Shipping Your Car Is an Asset

Now that you know how to ship your car, it’s time to get ready for your big move. Shipping your car is just one step in your full moving process, but it’s a busy one. Take these moving tips and look into different car shipping companies.

Looking for other advice about big moves and general overall life? We’ll gladly help you navigate those big decisions. Take a look through our articles for more information. 

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