4 Simple Tips for Finding the Best Local Residential Movers

Are you one of the estimated 10 percent of people in the U.S. moving this year? While moving locally brings fewer headaches than a cross-country move, you still have to make the decision about whether to pack and haul all your stuff on your own or sit back and let local residential movers help out.

For the least stressful local move, take time to thoroughly research residential movers and know the right questions to ask before hiring them. But what exactly should you look for to get the best choice?

Read on for four tips that will help you find the best local moving company.

1. Start Asking Around for Suggestions

Whether you need professional apartment movers or house movers, you can save a lot of time if you simply ask others if they recommend a particular company.

Ask them why they prefer those residential movers, how reasonably they charge, and how the experience went. Still, go research that company online and check reviews, service options, and any complaints so you get multiple perspectives.

2. Check for Reputation and Credentials

Since you’re trusting the company with your expensive and possibly irreplaceable belongings, make sure they have the expertise, credentials, and legal right to work for you. The Better Business Bureau website and business registries can help provide this information.

This means finding out how long the company has served customers, whether they insure the movers and your belongings, and if the company has a current business license. A brand new company could provide great service, but it helps to find someone more experienced if you want the best option.

3. Check the Services Available

It does nothing to find the best local residential movers if they don’t actually serve your area or provide what you need. 

So, check the website or give them a call to tell your current and future addresses and make sure they can work in those places. If you have to move special items like pianos or need additional services like full-service packing, make sure the movers can handle the whole job.

4. Get Clear Pricing Details

Movers vary in how they charge you, but often it’s a combination of how much you have to move, how far you’re moving, and how long the process takes.

The best residential movers will give you a clear quote upfront and warn you about any extra charges that may apply. If they ask for a large deposit before even coming to your house, beware since this could indicate a scam.

Start Your Search for Local Residential Movers

Now that you know how to find the best local residential movers, start finding companies and contacting them for quotes. 

You can often find a moving cost calculator on the company’s website that can give you the average cost of residential moving services. But for the most accurate quote, submit an information request or even call to have the movers come look at your current place and determine exactly how long the move would take and what it would cost.

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