4 Great Things to Do as a Family

Whether you’re in dire need of an activity that every member of your family will agree on (after all, movie night has become a bit stale), or you want to clock some outdoor hours because if you stay a minute longer indoors you’re going to scream, it might be time to take a look at different family activities that you can incorporate to your get-together routine. 

Of course, every family differs in what they see as a fun activity, as well as their temperament. So, if you’re noticing that too much monopoly will end in bloodshed, then skip the competitive suggestions that we might highlight. 

Keep on reading for our favorite list of five activities you can add to the roster for family night, or family day.

1. Things to Do as a Family 101: Picnic, Anyone?

If you can nab a ticket for one of the great events on ticketsonsale.com, then you win at life. 

However, if going to events isn’t in the cards for you, then you’ll have to put some effort into planning the picnic of your dreams. We know that picnics tend to be more of a summer-type of activity.

Yet, with everyone staying at home more than usual due to lockdowns, your family might enjoy making some s’mores in your backyard and breathing some fresh air. You can get extra points if you can make multiple picnics for both nighttime and daytime. 

Daytime picnics will give your family some much-needed dose of vitamin D

2. Plan a Treasure Hunt for the Ages

Want the kids to get out of your hair? Nothing is more engaging (and let’s face it, time-consuming) than a well-planned treasure hunt. 

You can even add a Christmas twist to the whole ordeal by adding some stocking stuffings to the ‘treasure.’ You can also hide the map somewhere around your house, and let your kids at it by mildly suggesting that they can find their map by cleaning their room. 

A win-win situation for the whole family.

3. Cook Together

In a similar vein to the hitting-two-birds-with-one-stone theme, cooking can be either a chore or an enjoyable activity for the whole household. 

It’s an activity that you can easily set up indoors for extra-cold days, and you can make it yummier by doing some fun baking, like gingerbread and other festive cookies. 

4. Galaxy Time for the Whole Family

We spend so much of our time with our feet firmly attached to the ground, when was the last time you looked at the stars?

You can make a lovely fun activity for the whole family by simply downloading a star chart (or even an app), then setting up a stargazing station in your front or back yard.

Bonus points for the first one who points out Orion’s belt!

Family Time: Demystified

At a time when uncertainty reigns our every waking moment, it’s critical for our physical and mental health to remember to take a step back and enjoy family time. 

This little list of things to do as a family, hopefully, was able to get your creative juices flowing and add a bit more excitement to your family get-togethers, especially if they’ve been a bit repetitive lately. 

Still drawing a blank on fun ideas? Just check out our lifestyle and entertainment section for the boost in creativity, as well as a mountain’s worth of fun home decor tips and tricks. 

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