4 French Handbag Brands for Ladies Who Live and Breathe Fashion

The handbag industry was worth $47.57 Billion in 2020 and gains more worth every year, and for good reason! Every woman needs something to carry her things, so why wouldn’t you choose a stylish and fun bag? French designs may suit your tastes if you’re looking for something elegant and extravagant. 

French handbag brands are known for their extravagance, beauty, and durability. These bags are the best of both worlds with their looks and their function, fantastic for the women who carry around all of their important items! 

Not sure which brand would work best for you? This article will go over four of the best French handbag brands!

1. Polène

Polène is a newer brand founded in 2016 by three siblings, but it’s making an excellent name for itself in the handbag scene. These French designer handbags are made of top-quality leather and have sleek, chic designs. Polène handbags are also on the affordable side of luxury bags, so you don’t need to drop thousands of dollars on a nice bag!

2. Louvreuse

Louvreuse was also founded in 2016 with the intent of making artisan bags that are different than any other handbag. These bags are incredibly unique and shaped unlike any other, with pyramid and cylinder bags on top of more classic-looking rectangular bags. 

These French designer handbags are the perfect souvenir if you’ve taken a trip to France and want to bring home something unique for your collection.

3. Longchamp

Longchamp is a much older company, founded in 1948. This brand is unique because it’s one of the few family-owned French luxury handbag brands in existence! Longchamp bags are incredibly affordable, with tons of items under $200 and several that are even under $100. 

These bags are made of high-quality leather and durable nylon, allowing your designer bags to stay in good repair and keep up with your busy lifestyle.

4. Celene

Celene is an older brand founded in 1945 by a husband and wife pair, crafting beautiful accessories and handbags made of high-quality handbags. These are some of the best French handbags, distinct and noticeable in any situation. With unique styles, colors, and shapes, these handbags match any outfit you use them with while still being a striking statement piece. 

These bags have a cost that matches their elegance, but you’ll find that these durable and fashionable bags are worth the high price. If you’re interested in seeing some of Celene’s bags and learning more about the brand, click the following page.

What Are the Best French Handbag Brands?

These four luxury French handbag brands are our favorites, with beautiful bags at several different price points and designs. The brand that’s best for you will depend on what you need from your handbag, your budget, and your preference in design. 

If you need a budget option, go for polene or Longchamp. If you’re willing to spend a little extra, pick a Celene or Louvereuse bag!

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