4 Essential Items Your Car First Aid Kit Should Include

Have you ever broken down on the side of the road?

It’s a scary experience and one that leaves you feeling helpless. Having the right items in your car first aid kit could be a lifesaver. Not having one could leave you more exposed to illnesses, minor accidents, and breaches in your engine.

Not sure what to include in yours? We’ve got you covered. Here are some must-have first aid kit items for your vehicle.

1. Strong Adhesive Bandages are a Must-Have

Strong adhesive bandages are necessary for treating injuries. They are also helpful for the other items in the kit, such as gauze, tape, scissors, and tweezers.

If an emergency arises and you need to seal a wound quickly, you will need a strong adhesive bandage. These bandages are great for securing gauze or tape in place. They can even for holding supplies together if necessary.

Use them to cover larger wounds and help keep dirt and debris from entering the injury. Make sure that the bandages stay in place until you can get to a medical professional.

2. Stocking Your Kit With Basic Over-the-Counter Medications

Include several over-the-counter medications in your basic first aid kit. Consider adding Ibuprofen, acetaminophen, and a topical ointment. These are great for helping to relieve pain, inflammation, and rashes.

Antihistamines can help with allergies and bug bites. Insect repellant and sunscreen can also be very helpful.

Consider adding miscellaneous items too, in case of emergency. These could be a flashlight, extra batteries, a multi-tool, or a small fire extinguisher. Don’t forget the basics like a space blanket, food, and water should be in the kit.

3. Emergency Tools for Dealing With Accidents

Gloves, a thermometer, scissors, a flashlight, and extra batteries are also necessary. A face shield, a blanket, a fire extinguisher, or a signaling device like flares should be included.

Also, pack away a spare tire, a tire jack and tire wrench, jumper cables, and a hydraulic jack in case of emergencies.

Don’t forget to include a list of emergency contact numbers. Add the medical information of each person traveling in the car. Or, try to earn a first aid certification too!

4. Don’t Forget to Pack a Few Comfort Items

Add tissues in case of an unexpected nosebleed or runny nose. A small tin of mints for nausea relief and a bottle of water for hydration would be helpful too.

Keeping a few snacks in the first aid kit is also a great idea, such as granola bars, fig bars, or other chocolates. Doing so can provide an energy boost in case of an unexpected emergency.

Preparing Your Car First Aid Kit

A first aid kit in your car is essential in emergencies. Make sure to include items such as bandages, antiseptic wipes, alcohol pads, and various other supplies. Don’t forget to check the kit regularly and replenish supplies as needed.

Don’t wait. Prepare your car first aid kit today!

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