3 Tips for Installing Cat Doors

Cats don’t need to go outside to be happy or healthy. But, cats do still enjoy the outdoors. Going outside can be a little risky for cats, but there are ways to make the experience safe

You’re reading this post because you want to know how to get your cat outside, though. The simple solution would be to install a cat door. But there’s more to installing cat entries than adding them to your door. 

Just because your cat doesn’t need to go outside doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be able to. Here are three things you should know about installing cat doors. 

1. Your Cat Can Use a Dog Door

Cat doors and dog doors are different. However, there are a few distinguishing features, like how cat doors are often transparent. The critical dissimilarity is that doggie doors are larger than cat doors. 

Canine and feline pet doors may be interchangeable depending on your pet’s size. A large cat can use doggie doors, and small dogs can enter cat doors. 

2. There Is a Variety of Cat Doors 

When you think of cat doors, you probably imagine the kind you install into your front door. There are various cat doors for you to choose from, like installing an interior cat door.

Think of an interior door like a bedroom or bathroom door for your cat. You can install an interior door in the basement door to keep the litter box out of the way. 

There are also cat doors for sliding doors. A cat door for sliding glass fits into the door track, and you can remove it at any time. You have the option of installing a window cat door as well. 

Other cat doors include screen door cat entrances, energy-efficient doors, and exterior wall entrances. 

3. Consider Installation Logistics

There is a lot to consider before installing a cat door. The first thing to think about is where you’re going to put it. The best option would be somewhere hidden and somewhat closed off from view. 

The door should be a specific height. Measure how high your cat’s belly is from the floor, and you’ll know the correct height to install the door. If you have to install the door higher, add steps to make entry easier. 

The final bit of logistical advice is to install the door while it’s warm out. Warmer weather will make adding the cat door less of a hassle. The nice weather may make your cat more inclined to use their new door. 

Cat Doors Offer the Best of Both Worlds

Your cat may not need to go outside, but they may enjoy the option. Larger cats can use dog doors, and there are plenty of cat doors you can choose from. 

Measure from your cat’s belly to the floor to place the cat door at the correct height. Install the door somewhere that leads to a secluded area of your yard. 

If you’d like to read more articles like this, try browsing our lifestyle section—we have plenty more helpful tips to share. 

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