3 Tips for Avoiding Muscle Injury When Exercising

A recent study found that ankle sprains are the most common sports injury. Sprains and other injuries can ruin your daily routine, exercise schedule, and overall mood. That’s why they should be avoided at all costs; however, how do you prevent sports injuries? 

Don’t worry, with this guide you can find out! From stretching to staying hydrated, you can learn the necessary tips to avoid a muscle injury.  

Now, are you ready to get started? Here’s a quick look at preventing a muscle injury.  

1. Stretch and Warm-Up 

Jumping straight into a workout is never a good idea. You see, since you haven’t warmed up, your muscles are cold. 

Cold muscles lack flexibility, making them more rigid and tight. When you put tense muscles under the pressure of a workout, they’ll tear, causing a muscle injury.     

To avoid that pain, spend five to fifteen minutes before your workout, stretching your body to get it moving. For example, you can do stretches like leg lifts, jumping jacks, or arm circles. That way, your muscles gain flexibility, and your blood starts circulating for your workout. 

2. Stay Hydrated   

Always bring a bottle of water along with you during your workout. Here’s why: as you exercise, you’ll sweat, removing water and important electrolytes from your body, making you dehydrated.

Being dehydrated can put you at risk for muscle sprains, injury, and more. Water helps replenish your body of the lost fluids and keeps you hydrated throughout your workout. 

As for pre-work drinks, don’t drink soda, energy drinks, or any type of smoothie. These drinks will increase your dehydration and cause bloating or an upset stomach. Instead, drink water; it will prepare you for your workout and help maximize your physical performance. 

3. Listen to Your Body  

If you find you’re in pain, stop. Pain does not equal gain; instead, it’s a sign that your body is telling you to stop. Pushing through with the same posture and intensity can cause muscle damage. 

Instead, take a second and evaluate your exercise. Are you putting too much pressure on your knees? Do you need to align your hips or tuck in your arms? 

Once you’re repositioned, try the exercise again, and if you still feel pain, take a break. By listening to your body, you avoid overexertion and stop further injuries. After all, muscle injuries can plague your exercise routine and daily mobility. 

If you believe you have a muscle strain, get it treated. For more info here are some common symptoms: pain when you twist, muscle spasms, and swelling. 

Avoid a Muscle Injury Today  

An injured muscle is no laughing matter. To avoid pain and discomfort, make sure you stretch before you work out. It will help loosen your muscles and prepare you for your exercise.  

To stay hydrated before, during, and after your workout, drink plenty of water. It will help replenish your body, so you don’t get exhausted.

However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t listen to your body’s responses. If you feel pain, readjust or take a break, it’s that easy to avoid a muscle injury. 

For more information regarding safe exercise, check out our other articles on fitness. We look forward to helping you towards your health goals!

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