3 Key Ways to Obtain Legal Marijuana

Marijuana is one of Earth’s oldest medicine that 85% of Americans support. To this day, it remains a hot topic among people, researchers, and healthcare providers.

Is marijuana as useful as many claim? Is it safe to use and can it help treat certain conditions?

While there may never be a clear-cut answer, it is true that the plant is effective. Marijuana does help with certain mental and physical ailments. Keep reading to learn how you can get legal marijuana. 

Talk With Your Doctor

When dealing with certain ailments such as cancer, many often look for treatment options aside from medicine. During that search, you may entertain the idea of wanting more information on legal marijuana. 

However, this can be hard for patients to bring up with their doctor, mainly because the medical world is often dismissive. However, don’t let this assumptive fear stop you.

It’s crucial that you’re honest with your physician who can help you gain the best source of information. Your doctor may be able to refer you to a doctor who specializes in medical marijuana. 

Apply Online

The best way to get marijuana would be online after applying for a medical marijuana card. In states where marijuana is legal, you can complete an application through an evaluation clinic.  

So long as you meet qualifying conditions such as chronic and severe pain, cancer, epilepsy, seizures, hepatitis C, HIV/AIDs, brain injury, or severe nausea, you can receive approval without issues.

There are several medical marijuana providers such as GetHeally or Verilife. These providers will connect you with a medical marijuana doctor who will give you medical marijuana based on the outcome of the consultation.

 You will receive an answer within a few minutes and get your card later. If you are living in a state where medical marijuana is not legal, you will be unable to receive a recommendation from a doctor.  

Apply in Person

If you prefer to obtain legal weed face-to-face, you could also apply for a medical marijuana card in person. The process is similar to applying online except that you will have a meeting with your assigned medical marijuana doctor.  

This process may take longer compared to applying online, especially if you plan to meet with a new doctor. Depending on the state you live in, you may also need to submit an application to that location or at a given postal address. 

If you reside in California, you may have an easier process since most dispensaries accept medical marijuana referrals. You can get your card on the spot when you apply in person. 

It’s Possible to Gain Access to Legal Marijuana

You can get legal marijuana in most states in America. There are a number of programs available that make it easy for people seeking medical marijuana. Your doctor may be one of the best resources.

You can also apply for a marijuana card online or in person. There are evaluation clinics that can give you the answer you want in minutes. There’s little need to wait. 

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