5 Alternative Taxi Apps Like Uber

Update - 2018.01.04

If you’re looking for ride sharing apps like Uber, you’ve come to the right place. Uber is the best private car service in the world, but there are also many Uber alternatives worth discovering. We’ve compiled a list of the best like Uber apps on Android and iOS so you can find the cab app that fits your needs.

With millions of users, Uber has become the “go to” cab app around the globe. While this mobile car service continues growing, many other similar to Uber apps are being developed. If Uber locations aren’t available in your area, this list is for you.

Our team put a lot of effort into locating the best apps like Uber online. Scroll down to immediately browse the list of Uber alternatives and we guarantee that you will find a private car service near you. Experience the best ride sharing apps right now!


easy taxi app

The Gett app is one of the top ride sharing apps on Android and iOS. This cab app lets you make huge savings when calling for private cars or cabs in numerous cities. They have exclusive offers for cabs in Manhattan and they assure fast pickups every single time. If you’re looking for a great cab sharing app, you’re going to love Gett!

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apps like cabify

With the Cabify app, you will easily be able to call a cab directly from your smartphone. Cabify is unique because it lets you specify preferences in advance such as if you would like to have music in the cab, air conditioning and more. You can also specify whether you want to be picked up at your door or any other location. Download the Cabify app as one of the best apps like Uber!

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apps like gocatch

GoCatch is one of the top Uber alternatives that lets you call a cab or private driver with just two taps. As one of the best ride sharing apps available on the Android and Apple app stores, you will benefit from numerous features. GoCatch provides you with real-time tracking of your driver, so you can know exactly when to expect their arrival. Check out the GoCatch app right now for free!

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apps like lyft

The Lyft app is easily one of the best Uber alternatives currently available if you’re looking for outstanding cab hailing services on your phone. You will quickly be able to call a cab and you can even specify the size of the cab required depending on how many people will be entering the vehicle. If you’re looking for one of the best ride sharing apps and taxi apps, you’ll certainly enjoy using Lyft.

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apps like easy taxi

Another one of the excellent apps like uber is called Easy. This cab app lets you choose whether you want a budget cab or even if you prefer having a premium car service. You can easily pay for the ride using your phone, allowing you to call a cab even if you have no cash on hand. Easy also lets you share cabs with other users, allowing you to save even more money.

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