5 Project Management Apps Like Slack

Update - 2018.01.02

If you love apps like Slack, you’ve come to the right place. We found the best Slack mobile app alternatives so you can bring your project management to the next level. Slack is all about making team collaboration easy and as simple as possible.

With the Slack app, you will be able to assign tasks, enjoy Slack chat rooms between users, share documents and much more. It’s a fully featured platform for working with multiple people on a single project. We place slack as one of the best apps available on iOS, Android and desktop.

While Slack is one of the best project management apps available on mobile, there are many apps like Slack that are also worth discovering. That’s where this list comes in handy. With our Slack alternatives, you will easily be able to manage projects of any size!


apps like basecamp

Basecamp is easily one of the best project management apps like Slack available for mobile and desktop. Basecamp lets you create tasks and others can check them off as they get completed. Messages can be sent between users and the calendar makes it easy to keep track of all events. Take a look at Basecamp if you’re looking for a Slack app alternative with a beautiful interface and a ton of features!

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apps like trello

The Trello app makes it simple for you to keep track of projects and to perform team collaboration on the go. This mobile app lets you create checklists, share documents, build storyboards and much more. Trello is really well-built with a stunning user-interface, which is worth using all on its own. If you don’t want to get Slack, you might want to consider downloading Trello instead!

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apps like asana

With the Asana app, you will be able to manage tasks of all genres, making this one of the best apps like Slack available on mobile devices. Asana allows numerous people to take part in projects and each user can comment on tasks and even choose to unfollow tasks of their choice. Asana provides users with a ton of features and options, placing it among the top project management apps for iOS and Android.

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apps like pozio

The Podio app is another excellent alternative to Slack that allows you to organize all of your workflow in one convenient area. Take notes, share thoughts with other users, send documents and much more. Podio lets you manage shared calendars and much more, such as creating task lists. Download the Podio app now if you’re looking for beautiful team collaboration apps!

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apps like clarizen

Use the Clarizen app to create timesheets, assign tasks, gather documents and much more. Enjoy virtual meetings and have instant messaging conversations with all of the other members. Clarizen if one of the top apps like Slack that provides you with a gorgeous interface and tons of useful features. Take your project management on the go by downloading the Clarizen app on iOS and Android devices.

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