6 Virtual Reality Apps Like Pokemon Go

The Pokemon Go app is one of the fastest growing game apps all over the world. Apps like Pokemon Go are great because they bring traditional phone games and make them social. The Pokemon Go game essentially has people walking all over their cities in search of various Pokemon.

Games like Pokemon are extremely popular because they bring people into the real world and allow complete strangers to meet up and make new bonds. Here at Free Apps Like, we love Pokemon Go so much that we felt the need to share all of the best apps like Pokemon Go currently available.

These virtual reality phone games are absolutely amazing. We encourage you to try all of these Pokemon Go alternatives if you enjoy the Pokemon phone game. Whether you’re waiting for Pokemon Go Canada or even if you want even more ways to play phone games in the real world, you will love our list of apps like Pokemon Go!

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Crayola Color Alive

color alive app

You don’t have to be a kid to enjoy the Crayola Color Alive app. This coloring app takes your drawings to a whole new level by bringing them to life right in front of your eyes. In order for this augmented reality app to work, you will need to draw using special paper called Crayola Color Alive Action Coloring Pages. Really worth it for kids and even for adults!

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Zombie Go

zombie go

Zombie Go is one of the best augmented reality games like Pokemon Go. It’s very similar to Pokemon, where you have to walk through the streets of your city. However, instead of seeing cute little Pokemon creatures, you will have to shoot zombies. If you love zombies and if you enjoy shows like The Walking Dead, you’re going to love this Pokemon Go alternative!

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ingress app

Ingress is another one of the great apps like Pokemon Go that allows you to use the real world as your playing field. This game has a whole storyline of mystery, where you will have to find unique power sources around your city. If you love games like Pokemon Go and you want more types of augmented reality apps, you will love playing Ingress.

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Field Trip

field trip app

Field Trip is one of the great adventure apps that will have you searching all over the world for cool things. While this app isn’t as interactive as Pokemon Go, it certainly has the same type of vibe. This app will essentially follow your location at all times and will warn you when cool or weird things are nearby. Start making amazing discoveries right now!

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Zombies, Run!

zombies run

Zombies, Run! is a fitness app at heart, but it’s really a fun way to work out. If you want to take your workouts to a whole new level, this is the app to help you get there. This app will play a storyline in your headphones as you workout and they all revolve around zombies. Escape the zombies by running faster and survive another while getting fit at the same time!

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Star Walk

star walk app

Star Walk is one of the best apps to own if you enjoy gazing up at the stars. This augmented reality app lets you find all of the viewable constellations in the sky by pointing your phone to the stars. It will form the constellation right on top of the stars and tells you their names. You can also use Star Walk to find planets, satellites and more!

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