Alberta Payday Loans

Finding the best Canadian payday loans for your specific needs isn’t always easy. The Canadian government has begun making serious changes to the instant online loans industry, which makes it difficult to know which are the best payday loan sites to choose from. Fortunately, payday loans in Alberta have not been affected and you can still get your hands on quick cash loans when you need them the most.

With many different aspects to consider, knowing which Alberta payday loans are worth your time isn’t simple. Below are some of the best Alberta loans online that you can trust when you need cash fast.

Recommended Payday Loans in Alberta
iCashLoans allows all Canadians to get approved for short terms loans except for Quebec residents.

Faxless Payday

Faxless Payday allows you to get approved for payday loans Alberta within hours.

Alberta Payday Loan Laws

While payday loans Alberta are fully legal, it’s still important to know the specific details so you can know what to expect. As each province has independent control over fees, rates, duration and more, knowing what you’re getting yourself into is crucial.

We would also like to take a moment to remind you that Canadian payday loans should be taken out when no other options are available. These are short term solutions and should not be used as a long term option.

Loan Terms:

Max Loan Amount: $1,500
Max Loan Term: 62 days
Max Interest Rate: $15 per $100 lent

Recent changes to regulations of Alberta payday loans has made Alberta the province with the lowest interest rates in Canada. If you’re from Alberta or currently living in the province, you’re in luck. With the lowest interest rates, a 62 day maximum loan duration and instant cash loans that can reach as much as $1,500, Alberta has some of the most reasonable terms in the industry.

Whether you’re a little late on your bills or even if your pay check wasn’t deposited on time, we encourage you to browse the recommended payday loans in Alberta above to get your hands on the cash that you need fast.

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