Alabama Payday Loans

While not all states allow short term loans, payday loans in Alabama are permitted. When your pay check is unexpectedly late or when bills seem to pile up with no financial solution in sight, a short term loan may become a good solution for your needs. We want to remind you that using installment loans Alabama should be your last resort and should never be considered a long term fix.

Recommended Payday Loans in Alabama

LendYou offers cash advance loans and installment loans online in Alabama.


RubikLoan brings you short term loans with fast lender-approvals.

Alabama Payday Loan Laws

Every single state has their own independent laws when it comes to instant loans online. We’ve made it easy for you by providing you with the loan requirements and limitations for the state of Alabama. Whether you’re in Birmingham, Montgomery or even Dothan, these laws apply for the entire state.


Loan Terms:

Max Loan Amount: $500
Max Loan Term: 31 days
Max Interest Rate: 17.50% of loan amount
APR: 456.25%

Debt Limits:

Max Amount of Loans at One Time: $500
Rollovers Permitted: One
Cooling-off Period: Next business day after 2 continuous loans repaid
Repayment Plan: 4 equal monthly installments

Above we mentioned LendYou and RubikLoan as the best online payday loans Alabama. They provide excellent solutions for Alabama residents who are looking for instant online loans. Both of these online lenders have excellent support teams with phone support.

These lenders have competitive rates and follow Alabama payday loan laws, ensuring that everything is up to code. With fully secure platforms and the ability to get lender-approval in as little as an hour, LendYou and RubikLoan are two excellent solutions when you need cash fast.

Payday loans in Alabama allow you to borrow up to $500 and the maximum interest fees that can be charged are 17.5% of the loan amount. Loan terms cannot last more than 31 days.

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