FreeSitesLike is the best place for you to find alternative services and websites online. Our mission is to bring you free alternatives for the services that you’re most likely already using.

We Save You Money!

Our goal is to help our users save a ton of money. If you’re currently paying $10 a month for a service and we can help you find an alternative that gets the job done and costs nothing to use, you will ultimately be saving $120 per year!

Not All the Sites We Review are Free

Keep in mind that we do not simply review free to use websites. We try our best to bring you as many free alternatives as possible, but sometimes it’s just unrealistic. When no free alternatives are available, we bring you the most cost-effective services available. This means you will still be able to save a ton of money by switching to one of the alternatives that we provide you with.

We Get Straight to the Point

We don’t want to waste your time, which is why we get straight to the point when making our reviews. We briefly describe and overview each site in each list, then we let you explore them if you wish to do so. We could bring you lengthy reviews for each service, but that would take up more time and we would therefore be unable to create as many lists. We get straight to the point by sharing the sites in our lists with a brief overview and a link that directs you straight to the service in question so you can quickly get started on using it.

We’re a Dedicated Team

Our team is highly motivated and we work on new review lists every single day! Our goal is to provide you with daily review lists so you can constantly find out about the best and most amazing services available online. Join our email subscriber list to always stay aware of new lists posted on FreeSitesLike! You can subscriber to our email list in our site’s footer and you can also join us on Facebook or Twitter to get the latest updates and more!

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